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In 2012, the EuroJackpot, a European lottery originated and which is mainly played in Europe, was launched. The lottery has some of the biggest jackpots in the world with high chances of winning. The lottery is available online and in 18 countries: Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Hungary, Latvia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Spain, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Croatia and Slovakia. If you live in one of these countries, you can buy tickets at the nearest local store. For players who live outside these, it is best and safest to buy a lottery via a platform. When you have purchased your ticket, just wait for the draw to take place.

All players must be 18 years or older. Estonia has an age limit of 16 years.

The draws take place every Friday at 21.00 in Helsinki, Finland.

The tickets must be purchased according to the rules of each country.

How to win EuroJackpot and how it works

The reason for playing EuroJackpot is of course to win. At EuroJackpot there are 12 different ways to win the jackpot. The odds of winning the huge jackpot are 1:95 million, which is high compared to other lotteries that usually have odds of 1: 175 million. To win, you need to match the numbers drawn, but keep in mind that they are drawn at random and that it is not possible to predict how a draw will be. To play smarter and have a higher profit chance, experts recommend choosing a mix of odd and even numbers. Find a balance with two odd numbers and three even numbers, or vice versa.

If you want, you can look back at previous winners, to see patterns and find numbers that are often drawn. In this lottery there is at least one number that pops up again and again, keep an eye out for this. There are certain combinations that have not existed or emerged since the start of this lottery. Experts recommend avoiding these number combinations. For the latest EuroJackpot results, Tomlotto is your savior!

What is a syndicate and how do they work?

In the "how to win" section, we have explained syndicates as a chance to increase their chances of winning, which is about 1: 95,000,000, in a single game. With a syndicate where 10 players (including yourself) buy a ticket, the chance of winning is 1: 9,500,000. This means that if you win the jackpot of SEK 920 million, you each get SEK 92 million, which is a sum that can change your life forever. EuroJackpot offers different types of corporate games that suit most people's needs. In the Czech standard package, players are allowed to choose their own individual numbers, and retain the entire winnings themselves. This package really increases your chances of winning considering it is a group ticket.

Can I create my own syndicate?

To create a syndicate, you need a group of people who are like-minded. For example, there may be colleagues, family members, friends or the poles from the pub. The only thing you need to be sure of is that you can trust the people. Many syndicates have won lotteries worldwide. Creating a syndicate is fun but a serious affair when it comes to agreeing numbers for an upcoming draw, for example. Having a syndicate and an agreement can be complicated as conflicts and disputes can arise between participants. There should be a basic syndicate agreement that includes the numbers to be chosen, how the price is to be shared, payment plans and deadlines. A reliable member should be responsible for collecting money, organizing ticket purchases, checking results and even distributing prices to members.

How do I join a syndicate?

A syndicate is an excellent alternative for people who do not want to mix up "business and entertainment". And thanks to the internet, it's very easy! An online syndicate can be an anonymous group of people who may not even know each other. Some casinos offer “syndicate services”, always check all the terms and conditions of the service and casino where you buy your tickets. The service of a syndicate also has the task of calculating and dividing prices fairly in accordance with the number of numbers each member has purchased.

How do I get my winnings?

To get their profits, there are a few things that need to be fixed. You must have a valid lottery with the correct number combination, to prove that it is yours. You must have the age inside, in Sweden you have to be 18 years old or older to play, but this can vary depending on the country. EuroJackpot results are published immediately after the draw. 

Where to play and buy EuroJackpot tickets online?

EuroJackpot tickets are available on come online platforms. Physical tickets can only be purchased at stores and kiosks in the 18 countries where the lottery is available. To buy lottery tickets you need to register or log in. Enter your personal information to open your account. Once you have registered, click on the lottery you wish to bet on, choose your tournament numbers (be sure to choose carefully as some appear more than others) and then just wait for the draw! You can also study the patterns, read reviews and guides on how to play EuroJackpot. Good luck!

What is the smallest and most I can win?

The minimum jackpot that can be won at the EuroJackpot is approximately SEK 100,000. The jackpot is reset every time someone wins it. The lowest profit is SEK 20 and the highest jackpot is SEK 920 million. If no one wins when the jackpot rises to the max, it will do a so-called rollover during 12 draws. If there is still no winner on the 13 draw, the jackpot drops until someone wins it. The decision to stop the jackpot was made after the majority of players expressed their opinion on this type of rollover lottery system.

Eurojackpot Odds of Winning

There are 12 prize tiers in Eurojackpot, giving you the chance to win amazing prizes. The exact amount on offer in each prize tier depends on how many tickets are sold for a draw and how many winning tickets match that prize tier. Here are the odds of winning a Eurojackpot prize in each tier:

Prize TierOdds of WinningAverage Prize*
Match 5 and 2 Euro Numbers1 in 95,344,200€43,842,769
Match 5 and 1 Euro Number1 in 5,959,013€1,294,162
Match 51 in 3,405,150€117,333
Match 4 and 2 Euro Numbers1 in 423,752€4,492
Match 4 and 1 Euro Number1 in 26,485€254
Match 3 and 2 Euro Numbers1 in 9,631€60
Match 41 in 15,134€115
Match 2 and 2 Euro Numbers1 in 672€22
Match 3 and 1 Euro Number1 in 602€18
Match 31 in 344€15
Match 1 and 2 Euro Numbers1 in 128€10
Match 2 and 1 Euro Number1 in 42€8

The overall odds of winning a prize in Eurojackpot are approximately 1 in 26.

Largest Jackpots by Year

These are the largest jackpots won in each year since Eurojackpot began. You can also find when the draw took place and how many tickets shared the jackpot.

YearDraw DateJackpotWinners
20207th February 2020€90,000,0001
1st May 2020€90,000,0001
201910th May 2019€90,000,0002
23rd August 2019€90,000,0001
22nd November 2019€90,000,0003
20189th February 2018€90,000,0001
6th July 2018€90,000,0002
16th November 2018€90,000,0005
20176th January 2017€90,000,0005
201614th October 2016€90,000,0001
201515th May 2015€90,000,0001
201412th September 2014€61,170,7531
201312th April 2013€46,079,3391
201226th October 2012€21,320,2151

Prizes Won in Each Prize Tier

View how many winners there have been in each Eurojackpot prize tier either since the start of the game or during a specific year.

Prize TierTotal Won in Prizes% of Total PrizesWinners% of Total Winners
Match 5 and 2 Euro Numbers
Match 5 and 1 Euro Number
Match 5
Match 4 and 2 Euro Numbers
Match 4 and 1 Euro Number
Match 4
Match 3 and 2 Euro Numbers
Match 3 and 1 Euro Number
Match 3
Match 2 and 2 Euro Numbers
Match 2 and 1 Euro Number
Match 1 and 2 Euro Numbers