French Loto Playing Tips, Rules and Odds of Winning

French Loto Prizes and Odds

    The French Loto jackpot starts at a minimum of €2 million and rolls over every time it is not won, increasing in value for the following draw. The jackpot can roll over a maximum of 34 consecutive times.

    All the other winning tiers apart from the lowest one are pari-mutuel, so they change from draw to draw depending on how many tickets are sold and how many winners there are. The table class='payout' below shows how much of the prize fund is allocated to each tier and the odds of winning each one.

                Winning Tier                Odds of Winning                Prize Fund %
                Match 5 + Chance Number                1 in 19,068,840                Jackpot
                Match 5                1 in 2,118,760                8.44%
                Match 4 + Chance Number                1 in 88,677                2.06%
                Match 4                1 in 9,631                7.43%
                Match 3 + Chance Number                1 in 2,016                4.44%
                Match 3                1 in 224                15.98%
                Match 2 + Chance Number                1 in 144                12.43%
                Match 2                1 in 16                49.22%
                Match 1 + Chance Number                1 in 28                €2.20 (fixed)
                Match Chance Number                1 in 18                €2.20 (fixed)
                Overall odds of winning any French Loto prize are 1 in 5.99

2nd Draw Prizes

    Players who enter the French Loto 2nd Draw have another chance to win prizes worth up to €100,000. There are four prizes available, starting with €3 for matching two numbers. You can see all the prizes available in the 2nd Draw, plus the odds of winning, in the table class='payout' below.

                Winning Tier                Odds of Winning                Prize Amount
                Match 5                1 in 1,906,884                €100,000 (fixed)
                Match 4                1 in 8,668                €500 (estimated)
                Match 3                1 in 202                €30 (estimated)
                Match 2                1 in 14                €3 (fixed)
                Overall odds of winning any 2nd Draw prize are 1 in 13.42

    The top prize of €100,000 and the lowest prize of €3 are both fixed amounts. The other two prizes are pari-mutuel.

    Prizes are funded using 59% of the money from 2nd Draw ticket sales. Of that, 7.09% goes to pay out the top prize, before all the fixed €3 prizes are paid out. Whatever is left in the prize fund after that is split between the other two prizes: 72% goes to the Match 3 prize, and the remaining 28% goes to the Match 4 prize.

    The 2nd Draw top prize does not roll over. If it is not won, the money is added to the reserve fund to be used to pay out prizes in the future when there is a shortfall. The odds of winning any prize in the main French Loto draw and the 2nd Draw are 1 in 4.

French Loto Raffle Prizes and Odds

    Ten guaranteed prizes of €20,000 will be given away in each draw as part of the French Loto Raffle. Every French Loto player is automatically entered into the raffle when they buy a ticket, and the odds of winning depend on the number of participants that enter the draw.

Check results of the French Lotto

To check the winning combination of the French Lotto draws it will be enough to compare the numbers of the combination shown on your ticket, with the result shown in this page. And if you bought a ticket you will see it in your user profile too.

You can also check today’s accumulated jackpots, the winners and the prizes in each of the categories and the previous draws with an antiquity of up to 24 months.

Distribution of prizes of the lottery of France

In case of being a registered user, the obtained prizes are deposited directly in the user’s account so that again and if desired you can play again with the funds in in your balance.

On this page, the winning combination of the last draw and the distribution of prizes corresponding to each of the categories is shown.

The table class='payout' shows the combination of the 5 main numbers plus the extra number, also called “chance” that determines the prize of the first category.

Highest prizes and jackpots of the French Lotto

The biggest jackpots accumulated in the history of this lottery were:

The draw held on June 16, 2011, in which a single winner was awarded a prize of 24 million euros.

On May 19, 2014, a total first prize of 23 million euros was awarded.

The French Lotto, is a lottery that we could consider “easy” and although it has a guaranteed minimum jackpot of € 2,000,000 for top-notch winners (5 + 1), accumulative jackpots of super-million dollar amounts are not usually obtained like in European or American lotteries. And this is because the jackpot is hit frequently, and many new millionaires are created.

Most frequent numbers in French Lotto

In the 35 draws held in 2019, from the first one, on January 2 and until the draw of March 23, there is the circumstance that there are numbers that tend to come out more frequently (some call them “hot numbers“) and at the same time other numbers that are more reluctant to leave and have fewer appearances (known as “cold numbers”)

Doing a small study on these 35 last draws, we see with curiosity that within the numbers considered “cold“, the number 49 has not left in any of them. It will be because it is very cold!

Among the main numbers, those who have had the most appearances are:

  • The number 15, with 10 appearances (28.57%)

  • The numbers 7, 11 and 25 with 7 appearances each (20%)

  • The number 1 with 6 appearances ( 17.14%)

On the other hand, when we see the numbers that have left the least number of times, in addition to the already indicated number 49 that has not even come out once, we have:

The numbers 9, 27, 28 and 39 that have only come out in 1 occasion (2.86%)

And with respect to the extra numbers or “chance”, we also see that the number 4, has not left at any time, while the number 10, has left 6 times.