Poland Lotto Biggest Winner Stories

The Biggest Poland Lotto Winners

Thanks to the generally favorable odds offered by Poland Lotto, there have been big winners throughout the years. This is no US Powerball where jackpots growing to billions of dollars isn’t a surprise anymore, but because rollovers don’t have caps, the potential to win big money is there. Don’t believe me? Check out the biggest winners below:

Jackpot# of WinnersDraw Date
zł57.8 million3May 7, 2016
zł56.2 million2Sep. 27, 2011
zł51.33 million3Nov. 6, 2012
zł40.46 million5Nov. 6, 2008
zł39.65 million3Apr. 11, 2015
zł39.48 million3Mar. 10, 2012
zł35.2 million1Aug. 22, 2015
zł33.78 million1Feb. 9, 2012

Although Polish Lotto’s jackpots and secondary prizes are paid out in Polish złoty rather than dollars, euros, or pounds, this doesn’t mean that the amounts are anything to scoff at. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is 2 million złoty (approximately US $532,000), and because Poland Lotto has no limit on rollovers, its jackpots on numerous occasions have reached some truly incredible amounts that anyone anywhere would be thrilled to win. Here are the three biggest Polish Lotto jackpots ever:

57.8 million złoty (€13.5 million): May 7, 2016

56.2 million złoty (€13.1 million): September 27, 2011

51.33 million złoty (€12 million): November 6, 2012

Since its inception, this popular lottery has turned more than 1,000 people into millionaires.