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Glendale couple comes forward to claim $410 million jackpot
6/21/20 5:57:31 PM

A married Glendale couple has come forward to claim the $410 million Mega Millions jackpot, according to officials with the Arizona Lottery. The winning ticket was sold on May 27 at a Circle K near 67th Avenue and Beardsley in Glendale. The ticket matched all six numbers in the June 9 Mega Millions drawing. Check Mega Millions Results>>The couple, who has chosen to remain permanently anonymous under a state law enacted last year, chose the lump-sum cash option which pays out $319.9 million. After $76 million is paid in federal taxes and $15.3 million paid to the state of Arizona, the coupl...

How to win the EuroMillions based on mathematical formulas -2
5/28/20 11:55:46 PM

The Odd-Even Patterns Based On The Actual EuroMillions ResultsRemember that in the list of the odd-even patterns above, we also included the probability. We use the Probability value to determine how likely an event will happen in a given period.In this case, we want to know the frequency of each odd-even pattern. To take things up a notch, we will compare our calculation against the actual results of the EuroMillions.There are 1,276 draws in EuroMillions from April 16, 2004, to February 4, 2020. Therefore, we calculate the expected frequency by multiplying the probability by 1,276 draws.Expec...

How to win the EuroMillions based on mathematical formulas -1
5/28/20 11:42:51 PM

Millions of worst types of combinations exist in the EuroMillions game that will not likely appear in any draw. You may have been playing one of these worst combinations, and you don’t know it.If you are like the majority of the EuroMillions players who pick numbers randomly, by quick pick, or by any superstitious method, then your chances of winning the jackpot are almost non-existent.Many lotto players have tried the idea of using birth dates of their sons and daughters, memorable dates in their lives, lucky numbers, horoscope numbers, hot numbers, cold numbers, and even psychic predictio...

Big lotto Winners, The UK cities with most lottery winners
5/24/20 10:16:26 PM

The National Lottery has been making millionaires for 25 years this year - but are some cities luckier than others?Since its launch in 1994, the National Lottery has seen 5,500 people win a prize of £1million or more.And it turns out the luckiest place for playing the lottery is Birmingham - with 168 of those winners hailing from the city.Birmingham is not only the winner over the whole 25 years - but also the last three, with 37 Brummie lottery players gaining life-changing wins since September 2016.The top 10 luckiest cities for lottery wins1. Birmingham2. Belfast3. Glasgow4. Liverpool5. She...

Lottery Winners where are they now, 8 Lottery Winner Success Stories
5/24/20 10:04:19 PM

1. A Powerball Jackpot Lets a Cowboy Keep RanchingThings were looking bad for 23-year-old Neal Wanless back in 2009. The down-on-his-luck cowboy was behind on his property taxes, couldnt make basic repairs around the ranch, and was trying to sell scrap metal for a little bit of extra cash. He was one of the poorest ranchers in Todd County, South Dakota, which is already one of the least prosperous areas in America.On a feed run to a local town (prophetically named Winner), Neal decided to take a risk and spend a little of his hard-earned cash on a Powerball ticket. He spent $5 on five plays an...

$1M Lotto Max prize from Penticton-purchased ticket still unclaimed
5/17/20 10:40:07 PM

Someone who purchased a Lotto Max ticket in Penticton is more than one million dollars richer, but may still not know it.Erica Simpson with the B.C. Lottery Corporation says someone out there has a winning ticket worth $1,052,328 from the Friday, May 1 Lotto Max. They have yet to come forward to claim their winnings.The ticket was purchased in Penticton and matched 6 of 7 numbers, plus the bonus.The same draw saw a ticket purchased in Yellowknife claim the $55 million jackpot.The next Lotto Max jackpot is tonight, May 15, for an estimated $10 million.

No winning ticket for Saturday night's $15.7 million Lotto 649 jackpot
5/17/20 10:30:48 PM

TORONTO —No winning ticket was sold for the $15.7 million jackpot in Saturday night’s Lotto 649 draw. However, the guaranteed $1 million prize went to a ticket holder in Ontario.The jackpot for the next Lotto 649 draw on May 20 will be approximately $18 million.The Canadian PressCheck Lotto 649 results

Lotto winner loses out on £1m after deadline passes
5/17/20 6:30:34 PM

A £1m Lotto winner has missed out on their prize after failing to come forward in time.The winning ticket was from the draw on 9 November but the deadline to claim it passed at midnight on Thursday.The ticket, which was bought in Swindon, matched five main numbers and the bonus ball.Unclaimed prize money, plus any interest, goes to charities chosen by the National Lottery.Andy Carter, senior winners advisor at The National Lottery, said: "Unfortunately, I can confirm that the ticket-holder did not come forward within the deadline to claim their prize and has now sadly missed out on this substa...

Single EuroMillions £58m winner ‘bombarded with sex offers from mystery women’
5/5/20 6:35:09 PM

THE lucky winner of a £58million EuroMillions jackpot has been bombarded with sex offers from mystery women, pals claim.Single Ryan Hoyle, 38, has been inundated with messages and notes through the lettebox since scooping his eye-watering fortune.Self-employed joiner Ryan hopes to take his 11-year-old daughter to Disney with his winnings.But it seems others have their eyes on his new found fortune, the Daily Star reports.A source revealed: “Ryan knew the letters asking for cash would start arriving pretty soon after news of his win broke.“He’s a little more surprised at the offers of relations...

TWO £1million lottery winners have only a few hours left to claim their prizes.
5/5/20 6:16:12 PM

A ticket for the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker from a November draw runs out tomorrow after it was bought in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.A Lotto player from another November draw has until Wednesday to claim.They matched 2, 11, 21, 46, 51, 58 and the bonus ball 31.That ticket was bought in Swindon, Wiltshire.Ticketholders who played the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker game on February 7 are being urged to check their tickets as they may have won the prize.If no-one comes forward with the winning ticket before the prize claim deadline, the money, plus all the interest it has generated, will go...