Lotto Powerball jackpots after no one claims massive $23m pool

7/26/20 5:33:23 PM

Lotto's Powerball prize is now up to a massive $26 million for this weekend.

Last night 10 people split Lotto's First Division - each of their tickets was worth $100,000 - though none had that valuable Powerball number to clam the $23m mega prize.

One player who picked the first four balls correctly was even luckier after they claimed Strike Four's $200,000.

PowerBall is now set to jackpot to an even higher prize.

Earlier the lucky Lotto Powerball numbers that would have claimed the $23 million were: 11, 38, 40, 28, 10, 12. The Powerball was 3, and the Bonus Ball was 33.

The massive $23m prize pool was the highest since Lotto's $50m 'Must Be Won' draw on February 29 when two lucky winners – one from Auckland and one from the Hawke's Bay – each took home $25.1m.

Earlier this month Marie Winfield from Lotto said that before the Covid-19 lockdown, 75 per cent of sales were from stores, and only 25 per cent via MyLotto or the Lotto NZ App.

Now, 39 per cent of sales were purchased online, while 61 per cent of players were still purchasing from stores.

Potential winners from the upcoming Big Wednesday will be presented with a book offering support and advice – including of who to tell of their win, and options for investing.

2019 Powerball winner statistics

56 per cent of winners said they'd keep working after their win and 13 per cent said it was too early to decide.

• 81 per cent of winners bought a new house.

• 100 per cent of winners helped family and friends with their winnings.

• 50 per cent of winners helped charities.

• 75 per cent of winners indulged in some international travel.

Interesting facts about Lotto's big winners

85 per cent of big winners kept working, remaining in the same job as before their win.

• 98 per cent of big winners still regularly buy Lotto tickets.

• 73 per cent of big winners surveyed won with a Lucky Dip ticket.

• 32 per cent were in their Lotto store when they found out they won, 27 per cent checked online and 26 per cent were watching the live Lotto draw.

• 19 per cent only told their other half, 31 per cent told their immediate family, 8 per cent told everybody and 5 per cent kept it to themselves.

• 23 per cent kept the winning ticket in their purse or wallet, 11 per cent in a drawer, and 5 per cent under their pillow.

Previous winners' advice

• Think before you spend: It's best to spend some time to think about your win and what you really want to do with the money before you start forking out.

• Secrecy: Be really careful who you decide to tell about your good fortune.

• Financial advice: Getting help from a professional, they know what they're up to.

• Have fun: It's important to remember to take time to do the things you've always wanted to do for fun, once you've locked in funds for the future.